Equestria is a land of magic, joined by the allied Crystal Empire in more recent history, a nation built upon the principles of Harmony, Unity, and Friendship. Where ponies and other races may join together for a common cause, bringing about grand cities and close-knit towns. Where ponies may discover their destiny and pursue their dreams, show by a cutiemark that guides their lives. Following the three Celestia Lights that are the Divine Sisters Celestia and Luna, joined by the Crystal Princess Cadance.

Yet this land is also a place of danger and uncertainty, with a long past where legends and folklore can prove true with the appearance of many threats long forgotten. Also, not all believe in the ideals taught by the Celestial Lights, that of Harmony and Friendship, selfishly following their own path without concern for others. With power to be gained and ancient secrets discovered not all is as it seems. Celestia’s Light hiding many things over the millennium she ruled alone as well as time before with her beloved sister. The Times of Discord, that of Eternal Night’s Fall, the Tyranny of the Shadow King, this and more that have revealed themselves to but a few.

Now, with such examples as the legendary Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and heroes older still record in lore, adventurers and others have come forth in to find adventure and fortune. To gain fame or infamy, uncover knowledge and lost artifacts of the past, to fight monsters and villains that others would tremble in fear at.

Will you follow the call? That of adventure in an age where friendship is taught yet darkness and regrets can be found, of dangers and monsters, secrets and mysteries. So much can be found for the curious and string of heart, the timid and the brash, the elegant and the hardworking.

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