1. Only the races I provided are allowed, though I will be editing or adding to these races later before the campaign starts.
2. Only the rules/information taken from the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting, official Pathfinder resources, and 3rd party resources are allow though the last only with approval. Apart from what is given on the Front Page one can find everything else allowed on d20pfsrd with approval
3. It is likely many feats and archtypes will need to be edited or refluffed to better fit the campaign, particularly if a player seeks to use any racial feats or archtypes. If you have a character idea you would like to use that requires use of such options contact me and I will see what can be done. I may not approve all requests, but I will do what I can to make a player’s idea work.
4. We will be using a 30 points with the point buy system, with no base stat higher then 18 and no base stat lower then 8 (before adding racial bonuses and level ability bonuses)
5. Standard equipment and gold, all player characters with be starting at 5th level.
6. Players will need to use an Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet, though with a few edits to the gold ‘details’ area at top:
7. The players can pick 6th, 5th, 4th lvl items, and other supplies, for their characters using 4500 gold. After everything is bought players keep the rest as their starting gold.
8. Characters of evil alignment will not be allowed, also certain classes may well have negative stigmatism attached to them such as necromancers and witches.
9. The use of dark magic is strictly forbidden by Equestran law with few being allowed to even study it. Dark magic counts all magic with the evil descriptor as well as potentially other spells, if you’re uncertain ask. Use of dark magic will slowly corrupt and turn evil a character, no matter how good a pony’s intentions were.
10. These rules may be added to at anytime but before the beginning of my campaign or before the start of a session after speaking with my players.
11. Unless I say otherwise, I am seeking no more then 6 players to join this campaign.