Deities and Additional Domains

The head of the Divine Lights and the Good-aligned deities. She is the goddess affiliated with the sun and justice. She serves as the teacher of Harmony and goddess of the day, as well as a formidable warrior. Her clerics are compassionate and will help anyone who truly needs it. However, while rarely wielded, they are no less lethal with their blades.
Titles: Goddess of the Day, Dawnbringer
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Flame, Foresight, Community
Worshipers: Paladins, Soldiers, Leaders, and most Equestrians
Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Subdomains: Archon, Day, Judgement, Light, Loyalty, Purity, Revelation
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

The Goddess of the Moon and the foe of Nightmare Moon. The sister of Celestia, Luna is the patron of illusions and night, as well as a master sorceress. She is the foe of Nightmare and her clerics oppose the Nightmare’s priests whenever they can. She cares for all beings under her nights, and believes that everypony should have a second chance.
Titles: Goddess of the Night, Nightbringer
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Illusions, redemption, magic, the night
Worshipers: Illusionists, Sorcerers, Orphans, and much of Equestrians
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Magic, Void
Subdomains: Arcane, Azata, Fate, Moon, Night, Stars, Redemption
Favored Weapon: Scythe

The Goddess of both Love and the Crystal Ponies. As Goddess of Love, Cadance’s priests teach of nonviolence and loving one’s neighbor. They believe that violence can only begat more violence and will not wield large weapons, save for the most dire circumstances. Cadance’s ascension was after the death of her husband. She felt such an influx of both the love of her from her subjects and despair from losing such an important part of her life that a spark ignited, fueling her divinity.
Titles: Goddess of Love, Protector of the Crystal Empire
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Love, Freedom, Charity
Worshipers: Monks, Lovers, Enchanters
Domains: Charm, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection
Subdomains: Agathion, Freedom, Love, Purity, Restoration, Resurrection
Favored Weapon: Shortbow

One of the greatest wizards of all time, Starswirl disappeared years ago. Starswirl the Bearded was considered one of the greatest wizards of the past, and his beard won him “Best Bearded Wizard” award 33 years straight. After disappearing from the world for centuries, he reappeared after the Scouring, and taught many creatures how to wield the new magics of the world.
Titles: The Archmage, Master of Magic
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Knowledge, the written word, magic
Worshipers: Magic users, scribes, librarians
Domains: Time, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune
Subdomains: Arcane, Defense, Memory, Thought, Wards
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

An entity from the void, the Nightmare’s cults are gathering quickly across the land. The once corrupter of Luna, exorcised by the power of Harmony, Nightmare hates everything to do with her former host. She wants to bring eternal night to the land by defeating her foes and taking control of the moon, demanding total loyalty from everyone in her service. She encourages the destruction of Luna’s church from the shadows, to take away her main rival’s strength.
Titles: Mistress of the Void, Corrupting Darkness
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: The Moon, darkness
Worshipers: Necromancers, lycanthropes
Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Madness, Void
Subdomains: Corruption, Dark Tapestry, Fear, Isolation, Nightmare
Favored Weapon: Longsword

She is the chief deity of the Changelings. The Eldest Changeling, as she is called by her worshippers, is the main deity of changelings, and believed by many to be the first. Even though most do not follow her beliefs on brutal conquest for the supply of love that changelings need to survive, many follow her dogma of supplying the hive as a whole.
Titles: First Changeling, Hivemother
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Changelings, deception, subterfuge, community
Worshipers: Changelings, deceivers, seducers
Domains: Animal, Charm, Nobility, Strength, Trickery
Subdomains: Aristocracy, Chitin, Deception, Ferocity, Innuendo, Lust
Favored Weapon: Trident

He is the beast of chaos and the last draconequus. The god of destruction and chaos, Discord warps reality with a snap of his claws. He has sworn vengeance against many of the gods for combating him, and imprisoning him time and time again. He views the Divine Sisters as his greatest threat, though he also distrusts any lawful deities. His followers are to cause destruction and mischief wherever they go as their chief edict. However, they are forbidden from ever harming a worshipper of Fluttershy, and the penalties are harsh for violation of this.
Titles: The Destroyer, The Mad Beast
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Evil, pranks, chaos, chocolate rain
Worshipers: Insane cultists
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Trickery
Subdomains: Ambush, Catastrophe, Corruption, Deception, Demon, Insanity
Favored Weapon: Greataxe

This god is a thief so powerful, he had to be bound in Tartarus.
Titles: The Bound Theif
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Stealing, falsehoods
Worshipers: Thieves, prisoners
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Magic, Strength, Trickery
Subdomains: Corruption, Demodand [Chaos], Demon, Fear, Ferocity, Thievery
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Six Paragons of Harmony*[/size]

Twilight Sparkle
Title: Paragon of Magic, The Student
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Magic, research, books
Worshipers: Scientists, wizards, scholars
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Subdomains: Arcane, Friendship, Memory, Wards
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Titles: Paragon of Honesty, Protector of the Apples
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: The Apple Family, farming, taming the wilderness
Worshipers: Rangers, the Apple Family, frontiers ponies
Domains: Community, Good, Strength, Plant
Subdomains: Cooperation, Family, Growth, Home, Resolve
Favored Weapon: Heavy Crossbow

Pinkie Pie
Titles: Paragon of Laughter, The Trickster
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Performances, Pastrykind, Entertainment, Joy
Worshipers: Performers, Travellers, Bards
Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Subdomains: Revelry, Imagination, Exploration, Whimsy
Favored Weapon: Short Sword

Titles: Paragon of Generosity, The Dressmaker
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Social status, giving, crafting
Worshipers: Nobility, thieves
Domains: Artifice, Charm, Law, Nobility
Subdomains: Construct, Restoration, Aristocracy
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Titles: Paragon of Kindness, Keeper of Animals
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Animals, nature, gentleness and forgiveness.
Worshipers: Druids, Healers, some Deer
Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant, Weather
Subdomains: Feather, Fur, Growth, Restoration
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Rainbow Dash
Titles: Paragon of Loyalty, Rainbow Racer
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Flying, stunts, danger
Worshipers: Daredevils, Barbarians
Domains: Air, Chaos, Glory, Strength
Subdomains: Cloud, Ferocity, Heroism
Favored Weapon: Lance

Additional Domains
Time Domain
Granted Powers: The god of time has given you the power to stop time briefly, and to shift backwards in time briefly as well.
Moment of Pause (Sp): As a melee touch attack, you can stop time for one creature briefly, freezing them in place. For one round, the creature can take no action and experiences time as if that round never took place.
Time Shift (Sp): Beginning at 8th level, once per week you can briefly shift time backwards. You can shift back no further than 4 combat rounds, or 1 minute outside of combat. Any actions that took place during the time you shift back before are considered to have not taken place, and all actions pick up from the point you shift back to.
Domain Spells: 1st—deathwatch, 2nd—one track mind, 3rd—delayed reaction, 4th—haste, 5th—hold monster, 6th—contingency, 7th—lesser time stop, 8th—temporal stasis, 9th—time stop.

Deities and Additional Domains

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