Ponykind Feats

Adept Changeling
While even immature Changeling ponies can imitate one form, you have learned how to take on new roles, giving you much improved flexibility.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Changeling.
Benefit: You may imitate any ponykind that you have seen, gaining +10 to Disguise checks to appear as that particular pony. This works otherwise like your usual shapeshifting ability.

Advanced Horn Magic [Combat]
Your ability to manipulate objects with your magic has grown much more refined.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Practiced Horn Magic.
Benefit: You gain a second mental grip, allowing you to wield a weapon two-handed, or wield a weapon and a shield, or even wield two weapons. These follow all basic rules for wielding such items.

Beacon of Hope
You are a walking war banner, calling your allies to stand firm against the dark.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Crystal Pony, Hopeful Heart.
Benefit: Any ally that is within 60ft. and can see you gains your bonus to saving throws against fear
and despair effects. They do not get your reroll, only the racial bonus to saving throws. This is a morale bonus.

Blade-Turning Pelt [Combat]
Your fortitude is the thing of legends. Blades have a difficult time finding purchase in your toughened hide.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait, Tough as Rocks.
Benefit: You gain DR 1/-. This increases by 1 for every additional time you have purchased Tough as Rocks.
Special: This feat can be taken an additional time at level 10, 15, and 20, but only as many times as you have taken Tough as Rocks. This increases the DR given, but does not stack with other sources of damage reduction.

Cloud Embraced
You have emerged from the darkness and joined the pegasi in the clouds.
Prerequisite: Ponykind.
Benefit: You gain the Cloud Walker racial trait, allowing you to treat fog, mist, and clouds as solid and to qualify for feats that require Cloud Walker.

Cloud Kicker [Combat]
It is said, in times long past, your kind controlled the weather of the planet. Though this job has since left pegasus hooves, you still have some talent at it.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Cloud Walker.
Benefit: As a standard action, you may, with a lash of your hind hooves, destroy the fog, mist, or even magic gaseous cloud, a particular five foot square within your unarmed reach(including the square the pony is occupying).. If the effect is magic, it is considered an attempt to dispel, and the pony must roll 1d20+(character level)(strength bonus) against a target of 10(caster level). Success not only clears the five foot square, but gives the pony the option to end the entire effect. Failure still clears the targeted five foot square.

Dashing Flyer [Combat]
While some pegasi are satisfied with going in straight lines, you have been strengthening your wings and practicing your flying to become a master of the sky.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, racial fly speed.
Benefit: Your fly speed increases by 10ft. and your maneuverability by one step.
Special: This feat can be taken more than once.

Day Stomper
Your marked piety as an earth-bound has earned you the Sun Queen’s special favor.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait, Tough as Rocks, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.
Benefit: You gain resist fire 5. Also, once per day, while in sunlight, you may, as an immediate action, gain 1d10 + 1 per 2 character levels temporary hitpoints. These hit points last for one hour.
Special: You may not take this feat if you have Night

Day Wing
After a ritual to one of the day goddesses, your wings have become butterfly-like.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Pegasus, Dashing Flyer, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.
Benefit: You no longer have to make Fly checks to hover or move at less than half speed and remain flying. You gain Fire Resist 5 and +2 to saves against effects with the light descriptor.
Special: You may not take this feat if you have Night Wing.

Divine Endurance
Strengthening your bonds to your chosen deity, you become more of an avatar for their ideals.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Day or Night Stomper or Day or Night Wing, Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks.
Benefit: Gain +2 to saves against fire and heat effects if day aligned. Gain +2 to saves against ice and cold effects if night aligned. A successful save negates the damage. You also gain the effects of endure elements against temperature extremes in your chosen direction. If you are suffering lethal environmental damage from your chosen extreme, convert half of it to non-lethal damage.

Embraced Destiny
Favored of Sheila, you not only accept your destiny, but revel in it. You celebrate and excel, making your mark’s guidance a shining beacon in all things you do.
Prerequisite: Ponykind
Benefit: You may select one favored enemy (as per ranger), two skills, or one school of magic. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls, +2 to caster level checks, or +2 to skill checks involving the selected item(s). The selection should relate to your cutiemark. If skills are selected, the bonus increases by 1 per 5 character levels.
Special: Cannot take this feat if you have Denial of Destiny

Field Reconstruction
When you are killed, your allies may revive you by providing the materials and time for you to recover.
Prerequisite: Half-construct, character level 10th, Diehard.
Benefit: You may be revived as per_ raise dead_ if your remains are sprinkled with a combination of iron and diamond dust worth 5000 gp and an hour passes. The components are consumed upon your revival.
Normal: Steelhearts may only be revived from death at a Steelheart factory; Clockwork cannot be raised or resurrected.

Fight On [Combat]
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait, Con 13.
Benefit: As per feat of the same name, see Advanced Players Guide.

Focused Horn Magic [Metamagic]
You have attuned your horn to a specific school of magic.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Practiced Horn Magic, Spell Focus in the same school.
Benefit: Choose a school of magic to which you have already applied the Spell Focus feat. The DC of spells of the selected school increases by 1. Once per day, a harmless or self-only spell of that school may be cast as if the extend metamagic were applied without modifying the level of the spell.

Crystalstone Finish
You are like a cut crystal, glimmering with many colors in the light. Rays that approach you are reflected away as if they never were there to start.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Crystalline racial trait, Lustrous Coat.
Benefit: You may turn aside rays once more per day.
Special: You may deflect rays one more time per day for every time you have taken lustrous coat

Gunnery Squad [Teamwork, Combat]
You are skilled at reloading the firearms of your allies, keeping them firing as often as possible.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with a firearm.
Benefit: When adjacent to an ally with this feat wielding a two-handed or mounted firearm, you may spend a full round action reloading it. If you are adjacent to an ally with this feat and they misfire a ranged weapon, you may use an attack of opportunity to clear the misfire. The ally may continue attacking if they have more shots for the round.
Special: If you have the rapid reload feat, this becomes a standard action. Any other effects that affect reload speed apply. If the ally being reloaded also has this feat, decrease the reload time by one step (full round to standard to move to swift to free).

Hopeful Heart
Within your heart beats the proud history of your people, and you don’t let adversity stand in your way.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Crystal Pony.
Benefit: When suffering from an ongoing fear or despair based effect, gain a saving throw on the second round of the effect, even if the effect normally has no saving throw. Use the standard DC for its spell level and casting stat or 10 + ½ hit die + higher of charisma or constitution bonus. The effect immediately ends if successful. If you have another ability that gives you a second saving throw in a similar fashion, you can use it on the third round.

Integrated Weapon [Combat]
Your mechanical body proves a fertile ground for planting firearms for more consistent use.
Prerequisite: Clockwork or Steelheart.
Benefit: Choose one firearm, this firearm is now a part of the pony and cannot be disarmed, though it can still be sundered. If the firearm misfires, the pony may, instead of damaging the firearm, take minimum damage from the firearm, bypassing any DR or resistance. The ammunition is still lost in such a misfire. This weapon can still be enchanted or otherwise affected as a weapon of its type. With an hour long repair session and 100 gp per character level in parts, a new weapon can be integrated, freeing the old weapon. This firearm can be reloaded with only a mouth.

Iron Hooves [Combat]
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait.
Benefit: You gain a hoof attack, a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
Special: This feat can be taken twice, giving one hoof attack each time.

Iron Jaw [Combat]
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound, Strong Jaw.
Benefit: When attacking with a two-handed or double weapon held in your jaws, you gain all the benefits of using a weapon two-handed. You also gain a +1 bonus to attacks with weapons held in your mouth.
Normal: A pony’s mouth only counts as one hand, even if strong jaw allows wielding two handed and double weapons in it.

Kara’s Kissed
You have given yourself over to the changeling queen, and she has welcomed you into her embrace. In a profane ritual, you have been imbued with a shard of her terribly seductive powers, drawing away shreds of your original birthright and replacing them with that of her children, the changelings.
Prerequisite: Must worship Kara, non-good alignment, character level 3rd.
Benefit: Gain the shapeshifter subtype. You qualify for any feat, effect, spell, or ability that targets, affects, or requires being a changeling. Your appearance becomes insectoid, but you gain the supernatural ability to take on your birth form as a standard action as per_ alter shape_ without the stat adjustments.

Lustrous Coat
Your pelt shines brighter even than the legends of your kind and turns rays away with greater efficacy.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Crystal Pony.
Benefit: Your bonus to AC vs ray attacks is increased by 2.
Special: You may take this again at level 10, and every ten levels thereafter.

Master Changeling
While infiltrating pony society is your people’s specialty, you have branched out, and can now imitate humanoids as well.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Changeling, Adept Changeling, character level 9th.
Benefit: You may imitate any humanoid that you have seen of small or medium size, gaining +10 to Disguise checks to appear as that particular person. This works otherwise like your usual shapeshifting ability. You do not suffer Disguise penalties for imitating people of other genders or races. While imitating a humanoid, you use humanoid magic item slots (and enjoy hands!). You may not employ items with your mouth while imitating a humanoid. If you are wearing things on your hands on returning to a pony or other four-legged shape, they fall to the square you occupy.

Master Horn Magic
You are capable of amazing feats with your finely honed ability to manipulate objects with your horn.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Advanced Horn Magic, Character level 9th.
Benefit: You gain_ telekinesis_ as a spell-like ability usable twice per day with a caster level equal to your character level.

Metal Vitality
Your partially living form is difficult to hamper through necromancy, poison, and other debilitating effects.
Prerequisite: Half-construct.
Benefit: Whenever you suffer ability damage or drain, there is a 25% chance rolled per point of negating the drain/damage of that point.
Special: This feat can be taken up to three times, stacking up to 75% chance of negation.

Natural Lance [Combat]
Through constant practice, you have learned to employ your horn in a charge with all the skill of a mounted knight in a charge.
Prerequisite: Gore attack, base attack bonus +10, base speed 40 feet.
Benefit: When charging, your gore attack deals double damage, as per a lance.
Special: Any feats or abilities you have that specifically alters how lances operate also affects your horn. While charging, you are considered mounted for such effects.

Night Embrace
You have become a creature entirely of the dark, no matter how deep. You move with the confidence of the night goddesses behind you.
Prerequisite: Night Wing.
Benefit: You gain the see in darkness universal monster ability.

Night Stomper
Pledging allegiance to the night goddesses, an earth-bound pony finds power in the darkness and wisdom in the stars.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait, Tough as Rocks, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.
Benefit: You gain darkvision to a range of 30 feet and +1 to caster level checks while underground or during the night.
Special: You may not take this feat if you have Day Stomper. If you already have darkvision, instead increase darkvision by 30ft. and no longer dazzled in bright light.

Night Wing
After a ritual to one of the night goddesses, your wings have become bat-like. You have shed your downy feathers and soft pony figure for the intimidating lines of a night predator.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Pegasus, Dashing Flyer, Knowledge (religion) 5 rank.
Benefit: You gain darkvision to a range of 60 feet and you are no longer dazzled in bright light.
Special: Increase the range of your darkvision by 30 feet.

Pious Mark
Prerequisites: Ponykind, must worship a god, must be taken at 1st level.
Benefits: Your cutiemark matches the holy symbol of the god you worship. The symbol is fixed and can be used as a divine focus. Your caster level increases by 1 when you cast a spell with an alignment descriptor that matches your deity’s.
Special: Only with meticulous shaving can this symbol be removed, after which it takes one week to grow back.
Special: Cannot have denial of destiny
GM note: The exact nature of the mark is up to you, but the holy symbol must feature prominently with it’s nature clear to anyone at a glance.

Piston Jump [Combat]
Your hydraulic legs can propel you with amazing force.
Prerequisite: Clockwork, Earth-Bound racial trait, Acrobatic.
Benefit: While charging, you may leap towards a target, increasing the bonus for charging by 1 and reducing the penalty to AC by 1. When performing vertical leaps, gain a bonus to your Acrobatics check equal to your hit dice. As a full round action, you may move up to double your land based movement using flying rules. At the end of this movement, if you are not landed, you immediately fall and take appropriate damage

Power Buck [Combat]
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait, two hoof attack.
Benefit: When you strike the same creature with two hooves in the same full attack, you deal an additional 1d4 plus 1½ strength bonus damage.
This is considered a rend for other effects that modify or require rends. You can only deal this additional damage once each round.

Practiced Horn Magic [Combat]
You have honed your horn magic to the point that you can wield weapons and shields using its might.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, able to cast_ unseen servant_ as a spell-like ability.
Benefit: You may wield any one-handed weapon or shield using your horn’s magic. The wielded object is treated for all purposes as if you were physically wielding it, using your Intelligence instead of your Strength. This is a supernatural ability.

Precise Motions
Your clockwork nature enables you to move with extreme precision, making fine tasks easier.
Prerequisite: Clockwork
Benefit: You gain +2 to Disable Device. If you have 10 or more ranks in disable device, this bonus increases to +4. You may take 10 on Disable Device, even when distracted. You may use this in place of Skill Focus(Disable Device) for the purpose of fulfilling requirements.

Rapid Changeling
You change in almost the blink of an eye, allowing you to assume new forms in the midst of other activities.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Changeling, Adept Changeling, character level 5th.
Benefit: When you change forms, you do so as a move action instead of standard.

Return to the Sea
You have regained your breed’s natural grace in the waves.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Sea Horse, Swim 10 ranks.
Benefit: Gain the aquatic subtype and amphibious special quality, allowing you to breathe both air and water. You also gain resist cold 5.

Sharpened Horn [Combat]
Whether by fortune or active effort, your horn is kept sharp and ready to use as a weapon in its own right.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Practiced Horn Magic.
Benefit: You have a gore natural attack that deals 1d6 damage.

Smooth Rise [Combat]
Your movements are as graceful as the waters you call home.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Sea Horse, Acrobatics 5 ranks.
Benefit: With a DC 20 Acrobatics check you may rise from prone without provoking an attack of opportunity. If you roll 30 or higher, you may rise from prone as a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A failed roll causes you to rise from prone, but provoke attacks of opportunity.
Normal: Standing from prone provokes an attack of opportunity, and is a move action.

Still Horn Magic [Metamagic]
When working with your specialty, your horn covers the need to move with brilliant hues.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Practiced Horn Magic, Focused Horn Magic.
Benefit:So long as your horn is unharmed, you may cast spells from the school you have selected for Focused Horn Magic with no somatic components. Your horn will glow as per the spell_ light_ for as many rounds as the level of the spell cast in this fashion. This does not affect the need for verbal components.

Storm Stallion
Despite its name, not restricted to males. Your mastery of weather has reached lofty new heights, allowing you to bring the fury of the elements on your foes.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Fly Speed, Weather Pony, Caster level 9th.
Benefit: You may cast lightning bolt as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your highest caster level by expending a prepared spell or spell slot of 3rd level or higher. You may apply metamagic feats you possess, but this increases the minimum level of the prepared spell or spell slot as appropriate to the metamagic feats. Add lightning bolt to your spells known as a 3rdlevel spell.

Strong Jaw [Combat]
Some fingerless creatures have very strong jaws, allowing them to hold and wield very large weapons and items.
Prerequisite: Fingerless creature racial trait.
Benefit: Your mouth can wield two-handed items. Double weapons can be used, allowing a pony to employ two-weapon fighting normally. Twohanded ranged weapons or ranged weapons that specify they require two hands to reload cannot be reloaded as most require two distinct limbs, not just a sure grip.
Normal: Fingerless creatures can only wield onehanded items in their mouth.
Special: Fingerless creature clerics may wield the favored weapon of their god, even if twohanded, without this feat.

Strong Wings [Combat]
You are accustomed to flying in armor, allowing you to fly when others would falter.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Fly Speed, Dashing Flyer, character level 5th.
Benefit: You can fly while wearing medium and heavy armor.
Normal: You may not fly in heavy or medium armor.

Stubborn Pride
When those that would put fear in you see you standing resolute, they end up questioning themselves instead.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Crystalline racial trait, Hopeful Heart, character level 9th.
Benefit: When you successfully save against a fear or despair effect, the source of the effect must make a Will Save against the same DC as the effect or become shaken for a minute.

Tough as Rocks [Combat]
Your ties to the element of earth show in your body’s amazing resistance to harm..
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Earth-Bound racial trait.
Benefit: Your natural armor increases by 1.
Special: This feat can be taken an additional time at level 10, 15, and 20.

Vital Guard
Your vital systems are protected from harm behind your hardest materials.
Prerequisite: Construct or half-construct
Benefit: You gain the benefit of lesser fortification, granting a 25% chance of sneak attack or
critical hit negation. This does not stack with fortification from other sources.

Water Affinity
Your innate ties to water allow your water magics to strike true.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Sea Horse.
Benefit: When casting spells with the water descriptor, add one to your effective caster level.

Water Burst
With effort, you can exhale a powerful stream of water, knocking things away and down under the deluge.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Sea Horse.
Benefit: Twice a day, you may cast_ hydraulic push_ as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your character level.

Weather Pony
Your ability to clear the skies has only grown with practice.
Prerequisite: Ponykind, Cloud Walker racial trait, Cloud Kicker.
Benefit: You may, as a move action, move a cloud, fog, or other gaseous effect up to your movement rate in any direction you can move yourself. You move with the cloud, which must be within your reach when you start and end. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity.

Ponykind Feats

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